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120 W. Harvest Dr.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68521
United States
GolfStatus LLC

Drive More Rounds, Revenue & Engagement

GolfStatus provides comprehensive course management software and unique mobile marketing opportunities that help courses drive more rounds, more revenue, and more engagement.

GolfStatus is an all-in-one golf app for iOS and Android devices that provides all the features golfers need on the course in an accessible, user-friendly format. Golfers take advantage of free GPS, track their scores and personal bests, archive and reference rounds, and keep up with friends and colleagues through social platforms. As the preferred app for golfers across the country, GolfStatus opens courses up to unprecedented marketing and mobile communication channels through meaningful, personal, and timely engagements, rewards, and offers.

Efficient, personal customer engagement is only the beginning for GolfStatus-equipped courses, which also benefit from comprehensive course management software that improves operating efficiencies and broadens revenue streams. In all, GolfStatus offers practical, efficient, best-in-class technology that makes the game more fun for golfers, and more profitable for courses.

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GolfStatus LLC | 120 W. Harvest Dr. Lincoln, Nebraska 68521 United States | 402x-413x-9650
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