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395 Del Monte Center
Suite 184
Monterey, CA 93940

We have developed a great alternative and a worthy companion to golf, that preserves and extends the wonderful aspects of conventional golf and provides a path to enjoyment and performance that is easily available to just about everyone.

Think golf without slices or hooks… and without embarrassment.

AeroGolf™ is golf with safety tipped, highly aerodynamic "Aeros”, propelled by a conventional reverse curve bow, the kind most generally associated with target archery, or a compound bow, which is the most popular type among hunters.

Aeros like ours have never existed before, because there was no perceived need for a "safe” arrow that flew more than 50 yards, since "safe” arrows were and are used for children’s play or historical battle reenactments, neither of which require long range flight.

The safety of AeroGolf™ is defined by the safety of golf, which is among the safest of all sports. But archery is safer.

The bow is used to advance the Aero™ toward the golf hole until the player’s Aero™ lands on the green, at which point the distance from the pin is measured, or normal putting is commenced, and the proper score on that hole score is assessed.

The Aero™ will have less impact on the green than a golf ball.

Golf has lost 400,000 players a year for ten years. A course closes on average every few days in the U.S.

Among the highest grossing movie franchises are The Hunger Games, Brave, and The Avengers, all focused on or highlighting archery.

It’s time for AeroGolf.

Visit our website:
AeroGolf | 395 Del Monte Center Suite 184 Monterey, CA 93940 | 808x-764x-0536
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