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6228 winding lake drive
jupiter, Fl 33458
The GolfScoreboard Company LLC

In 1984 our founder, George Zeeman noticed that golf was the only sport that didn’t have a standard scoreboard. What there was, (and still is at many clubs) were a hodge-podge of homemade contraptions that were misplaced, ugly and didn’t really do the job.

Educated in stagecraft, and an experienced member of the theatre, film and television industries, Mr. Zeeman realized the subjective importance of this mirror for the players. After all, the whole object of playing golf is to count the number of times you swing at the ball. 

A friend was familiar with a "White Board” manufacturer, so Mr. Zeeman designed and built his first board. It was an immediate visible improvement and soon after Mr. Zeeman was asked to build his second scoreboard. A better mousetrap! 

Thirty plus years later, there are nearly 2000 clubs in 13 countries and all 50 states that have and use our products

QUALITY SURFACE-Ceramic porcelain on 22 gauge magnetic steel. Ceramic is glass. Hard glass. Its use on 22 gauge magnetic steel creates a life-long surface that allows writing in permanent ink, dry erase even oil base paint. If you can put it on, you can take it off! (oil base paint is easily removed with paint remover). Magnets can be used. Tape, printed labels or ANY kind of adhesive is quickly removed. All of our formats are fused into the glass. As a signature on a toilet. That's why these lines NEVER come off. There are four manufacturers of this ceramic porcelain in North America. We use the best ceramic on steel products from each of them.
QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Design, engineering and production: It's our attention to detail that separates our products from all the others. All our outdoor quality boards are 22 gauge magnetic steel laminated regardless of style or model, with waterproof PVC/Plastic center cores at over 2000 lb. per square inch. Then a second 22 gauge steel skin is laminated to it's back. What a sandwich! Our mouldings are anodized aluminum, mitered to a 32/100 of an inch and sealed with marine silicone. Our trays are capped and anodized. All our outdoor products have been constructed for permanent outdoor use.
CERAMIC PORCELAIN - The boards surfaces are covered with three coats of porcelain. The porcelain is fired three times at three different temperatures increasing to 2000o F. This allows the format to fuse into the surface. The surface is four times harder than the windshield of your car. They will never scratch, peel or face - never 1 guaranteed not to delaminate under any conditions; designed for outdoor use. Constructed of two sheets of 22 guage steel sandwiched around a 3/8" PVC center core at 2000 lbs. per square inch. Our frames are made of anodized aluminum ( not powder coated ) and sealed with silicone; they will not rust or corrode.
USE ANY TYPE OF MARKER - Because the surface is ceramic porcelain, you can use any type of marker on them: acrylic based paint pens, water or oil based paint pens, permanent or dry-erase markers. Your cores will not ghost on, wash off with water, or rub off while writing scores. Should you need to change a score, a common artists' gummed eraser will do the trick in a second! Clean up is fast and easy with cleaners such as "EXPO" or common household cleaners such as "FANTASTIK" or "WINDEX", making your scoreboard as beautiful as the day you obtained it!
INSTALLATION IS A SNAP! - Our boards hang on two horizontal "J" hangers. All hardware and instructions are supplied for hanging outdoors on pro shop walls or structure; indoor boards hang with a four corner hanging system or standard "J or Z" hangers.
SOLID OAK, WALNUT OR CUSTOM WOOD TRIM AVAILABLE! - As an option for indoor boards we have available, solid oak, walnut or custom wood framing and solid oak trays. These are hand-oiled in three finishes: light, medium, dark and warranted for life
WEATHER PROOF / RUST PROOF / SCRATCH PROOF / PAINTPROOF - Outdoor boards have a limited 15 year warranty*, indoor boards and wheelmaster portable boards have a limited lifetime warranty*.


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The GolfScoreboard Company LLC | 6228 winding lake drive  jupiter, Fl 33458 | 561x-762x-4673
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