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796 Meeting Street
Charleston,, SC 29403
About Sib
SIB is a firm specializing in fixed, monthly cost reduction. By employing experts with extensive experience in each of the fields we specialize in, we are uniquely equipped to find savings in virtually any fixed cost category without changing your current vendors.

Unlike consulting firms, we only bill based upon the savings that we find and you are not invoiced until savings are realized. If we don’t find savings, you pay nothing and know that your bills are as low as possible.

SIB has worked with Fortune 20 companies, restaurant groups, hospital groups, regional banks, grocery chains, retail chains, state, local, and federal government entities and everything in between!

Since we opened our doors, we’ve found savings for over 98% of our clients. SIB makes the process of cost reduction effortless for your company, allowing you to rest easy knowing that industry experts from each of your monthly cost categories are working hard to reduce your costs.

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Visit our website: www.aboutsib.com
About Sib | 796 Meeting Street Charleston,, SC 29403  USA | 843x-576x-3645
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