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BrandShield Ltd.
Online Brand Management Company – About BrandShield

BrandShield was established by brand protection industry professionals with a goal to develop cutting-edge technology that will provide organizations a powerful solution to manage and protect their brand online.

Backed by Israel’s Chief Scientist and with an R&D center based in Israel, the company is committed to a continuous development of a solution that meets the needs of all sizes of entities – from small companies to large enterprises.

BrandShield is suitable for a direct use by organizations as well as by their legal advisor and branding advisors. Our robust, patent pending technology combines monitoring capabilities and sophisticated algorithms and is fully compatible with the coming expansion of new gTLDS.

The BrandShield System dramatically improves the way organizations can manage and protect their digital brand by providing the highest level of business intelligence for online brand management

Our robust, patent pending technology helps you fight infringements and makes brand protection affordable for organizations of all sizes.

Brand Management Software
  • Analyzes content and metrics
  • Uses sophisticated algorithms to automatically prioritize the level of risk
  • Uses machine learning to improve results based on your actions
  • Groundbreaking pattern recognition finds major brand parasites
  • Includes proactive enforcement tools
BrandShield’s technology protects brands in many platforms: Websites, marketplaces, mobile apps and PPC ads.

To read more about BrandShield’s protection in every platform click here.

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BrandShield is an innovative brand protection system.

BrandShield identifies and analyzes brand abuse and online risks to brands.

Want to learn more about the BrandShield system, and how to utilize BrandShield to better protect your brand online?

Please contact us today and a BrandShield representative will contact you shortly to schedule a private demo at your convenience.

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BrandShield Ltd. | 81 sokolov st.  | 646x-595x-0088
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