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11721 Southwest HWY
Palos Heights, IL 60463
Laughing Waters Inc
Water Features & Aquatic Environments

Laughing Waters is a leader in the water feature design/build industry. Since 2002, we have enhanced the most prestigious homes and businesses in the country with our creative, award-winning designs. Both professionals and homeowners trust us to design distinctive, quality aquatic environments that complement the natural beauty of public areas and private estates.

Our expertise and experience have made us one of the most respected and active water feature design/build firms. We create high-quality designs by bringing together the talents of key experts in specialties such as water, landscaping, aquatic plants, pools and spas, irrigation, and lighting. We also incorporate the latest technology to improve water quality and reduce maintenance, ensuring your outdoor environment is enjoyed for many years to come.

Laughing Waters is dedicated to helping you realize your vision. From concept to finished project, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and create harmonious, detailed aquatic environments with multiple focal points. We focus on the whole design, balancing form and function to deliver a natural environment that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also structurally sound.


Water Features
Laughing Waters has enhanced some of the most prestigious residential, commercial, and industrial properties with our creative, award-winning design and execution. Both professionals and homeowners trust us to create distinctive, quality, naturalistic water features that complement the natural beauty of both public areas and private estates.

Laughing Waters has spent the last 15 years perfecting the art of the water feature, with projects in Chicago and Nationwide. Every project from our signature Pondsai Water Garden Package to our multi-acre natural water feature environments are designed with the sole intent of enhancing its surroundings. Unleash the creativity of Laughing Waters on your property, we bring water to life.

Laughing Waters is your one source to develop your water feature from design to completion. Laughing Waters is your resource for design, engineering, and site planning. Our skilled team and network of expert water feature resources will work with you from ideation to construction of your one of a kind water feature. Rest assured knowing that your water feature is made to the highest quality standard for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Laughing Waters is your single resource for all of your water feature construction needs. Our teams of expert water feature craftsman are deployable nationwide to execute your project to the highest quality. Consider Laughing Waters as the water feature arm of your team. With customizable involvement, our goal is to work with you to complete your water feature project as quickly and economically as possible without sacrificing quality or beauty.

We would welcome the opportunity to design a distinctive aquatic environment or water feature for you contact us today!


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Laughing Waters Inc | 11721 Southwest HWY Palos Heights, IL 60463 | 709x-935x-5532
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