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11318 Shannon Ct
La Plata, MD 20646
SPS Golf Management Solutions

For 15 years, SPS Golf Management Solutions’ completely Web-Based golf course management software has provided the most technologically advanced golf course management system in the golf industry. Our Reservation, Point-of-Sale, Food and Beverage, Membership/Loyalty, Reports, and Course Marketing software, leverage our award winning internet solutions, allowing you to manage your golf course from anywhere, at anytime. Economical, Innovative, Proven... let us help you manage a smarter golf course.

"We are thrilled with the way SPS has built a Loyalty Module into their POS and Tee Sheet Software. We have been using the Loyalty Program at Sarasota GC and we are very pleased with our results. The SPS Loyalty Module allows us to sort our golfers based on play patterns and send emails to groups of customers that share the similar usage patterns. Frequent repeat customers get one type of message. Customers that once were Loyal but have disappeared get another message – the possibilities are endless. Most importantly we are influencing golfers based on their unique visit history. It works !” 
Larry Galloway – President- Golf Guys Inc. October 2014.

Visit our website: www.spsgolf.com/
SPS Golf Management Solutions | 11318 Shannon Ct La Plata, MD 20646 USA | 703x-966x-0817
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