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555 Legget Drive
Suite 304
Kanata, ON K2K 2X3
Links Bridges

We are Links Bridges - a company committed to the highest level of quality and service in all that we do. We offer 100% Composite Bridges which are designed and engineered specifically for Golf Courses, Parks and Trails. Our bridges are designed and engineered to be made using only premium materials that out-perform the alternatives in terms of longevity, look and maintenance costs.

Superior Design

We offer a wide variety of design options form the most basic bridge to the architecturally complex. Bridges must first and foremost be functional but they also present an opportunity to enhance their environment. Custom designs, arched bridges, custom features are available in all of our bridge sizes

Superior Materials

Fiber Reinforced Polymers and Carbon Fiber are proven to resist corrosion or deterioration. The steel used in our HyBridge Series incorporates a special proprietary coating which outperforms galvanizing by a 3:1 margin

Visit our website:
Links Bridges | 555 Legget Drive Suite 304 Kanata, ON K2K 2X3 CAN | 888x-444x-0277
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