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713 N Courthouse Rd
Suite 201
Richmond, VA 23236
Play18 Solutions

Play18 Solutions is a data-driven marketing and operations solutions company serving the semi-private, resort and daily fee golf course industry. The Play18 Solution helps golf courses utilize their own customer data to drive increased rounds and revenue and significantly increase ROI from marketing. Play18 was created by the consolidation of IBS and Quick18, two software companies specializing in management solutions for semi-private, resort and daily fee golf courses. IBS, Inc., is a Richmond, Va.-based leader in club management software and Quick18 is a Phoenix, Ariz.-based leader in data-driven marketing with mobile, social and web-based solutions. For more information on Play18 Solutions visit us at

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Play18 Solutions | 713 N Courthouse Rd Suite 201 Richmond, VA 23236 USA | 800x-291x-0685
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