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1554 Harris Cir.
Winter Park, FL 32789-4036
Society of Golf Appraisers

 The SGA is a national organization of appraisers and consultants specializing in the valuation, market analysis, and feasibility analysis of golf courses and golf-related property. Members hold the prestigious MAI designation from the Appraisal institute and have each demonstrated a long term commitment to and competence in the valuation and analysis of golf properties. The SGA has set the standard for golf property analysis and is the only professional golf appraisal organization in the United States.

Mission Statement
The SGA is dedicated to advancing and continuously improving the profession of advising, consulting, and valuing golf related business and assets while serving the interests of its members.

The shared goal of the SGA’s membership is to support the integrity and vitality of the golf course industry while promoting the continued enjoyment of the game through the sharing of information and providing the highest quality professional advisory, consulting, and valuation services in the golf industry.

  • Among its members, to advance high standards and ethical practices for the golf industry.
  • To speak for the golf and club industry on a national and international level, and representing fairness and promoting education at all times.
  • To encourage and maintain a spirit of cooperation and shared skills and information among its members.
Over  twenty years ago, The SGA was incorporated and established as a professional organization of uniquely quailifed professional advisors who have demonstrated outstanding expertise in the business of golf. This unique collaboration of professionals was initiated for the following reasons:
  • Identification - To provide a means to publicly identify professionals who have demonstrated a high level of expertise in the specialized area of golf property appraisal for clients in need of such services. Users of SGA member services will have the confidence of knowing that SGA Members have med rigorous admissions standards with ongoing continuing education.
  • Education - To provide advanced, semi-annual education programs for its members. Instructors frequently include experts in related fields, such as developers, lenders, architects, accountants, attorneys, investors, operators and golf course superintendents. This is the only such program available to professional golf property analysts, in the United States.
To collect and provide historical and current market data for the exclusive use of its members. A proprietary, digital databank was developed to archive sales and operating characteristics of courses all over the United States as well as golf properties in some foreign countries. This information is only available to SGA Members.

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