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55 Realty Dr Ste. 305
Cheshire, CT 06410-1656
Wellspeak Dugas & Kane

Wellspeak Dugas & Kane takes pride in being a real estate organization built on the measurable experiences of its three founding partners. For over two decades, Patrick J. Wellspeak, Jeffrey R. Dugas and William E. Kane, Jr. have provided a wide range of clients with in-depth analysis on real estate properties. Complemented by a senior-level staff, comprehensive databases, market knowledge and resources, the company offers valuation and consulting services. These services are enhanced through drive and commitment to its clients.


Visit our website: www.wdk95.com/
Wellspeak Dugas & Kane | 55 Realty Dr Ste. 305 Cheshire, CT 06410-1656 USA | 203x-699x-8920
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