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4020 Kinross Lakes Pkwy Ste 201
Richfield, OH 44286-9368
Golf Course Industry

For more than two decades, Golf Course Industry has been a trusted, independent resource for superintendents and other golf/turf professionals. The origins of the magazine date to 1988 with the launch of Golf Course News, the first independent national publication just for superintendents, developers, architects and builders. In 2003, GIE Media took over publication of Golf Course News and later renamed and redesigned it to reflect the broader scope of our editorial mission and audience. Today, GCI provides new ideas, innovative techniques, practical tips, proven research and cutting-edge opinions across print, digital and social media platforms. Under the leadership of industry veteran Pat Jones, GCI is now undisputedly the number-one independent media source in the market.

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Golf Course Industry | 4020 Kinross Lakes Pkwy Ste 201 Richfield, OH 44286-9368 USA | 216x-961x-4130
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