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6200 E Thomas Rd Ste 308
Scottsdale, AZ 85251-7063
Golf Switch

So what does GolfSwitch do? We provide the software and technology that power the GolfSwitch Network. We ensure that our network is scalable and secure for our clients and their business partners. But we don’t stop there. We provide customized marketing services to all clients, helping them to choose the right business partners, attract new customers and maximize profits.

The foundation of the GolfSwitch Network is a standardized communications platform that enables real-time access to over 40 tee sheet software programs – representing 95% of all automated golf courses in the United States and Europe. The patented GolfSwitch technology features universal tee sheet compatibility, advanced tee time search and booking capabilities, unlimited distribution channels and comprehensive golf content from around the world in one unified system.

For golf courses and Internet sites, we provide our Portal Engine, a private-label, browser-based booking engine that enables virtually any Internet web site to book online tee times. Golf course web sites, travel and sports sites, and newspaper sites can now market and sell tee time reservations to their customers – using their own brand name – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For the travel and hospitality industry, Direct Access is a Windows-based software program that enables hotels, reservation centers and travel professionals to access and book real-time tee times at multiple courses simultaneously. This feature-rich reservation system also allows our clients the ability to integrate trip schedules on the fly for their customers.

In response to customer requests, we’ve added the GolfSwitch Golf Vacation Booking Engine to our comprehensive list of marketing services. In addition to collecting a fee for tee time bookings, our partners can earn even higher profits from their web sites with this simple and seamless solution for selling air, hotel and car rental reservations through the GolfSwitch Network.

To help our golf course clients more effectively market and sell tee time inventory, we’ve recently introduced the GolfSwitch Special Tee Time Booking Engine, which features dynamic pricing and the ability to allocate and distribute discounted tee time inventory through new and unique marketing channels.

At GolfSwitch, our success depends on our ability to innovate and to deliver a complete suite of marketing and distribution services that benefit the entire golf reservation community. These services are proven. They get results. They help every client access and leverage the full marketing power of the GolfSwitch Network.

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Golf Switch | 6200 E Thomas Rd Ste 308 Scottsdale, AZ 85251-7063 USA | 480x-429x-7280
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