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2TW Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

At Bayer, our solutions help you effectively and economically maintain healthy turf for outstanding playing surfaces. Healthy turf will keep your business on track and players on the green – and our experienced area sales managers and industry-leading technical support team are glad to work with you to address challenges and develop customized solutions for your course.  

Be it tees, fairways or greens, presenting and maintaining consistent, outstanding surfaces is never easy.  Bayer’s commitment to sustainability is rooted in the very core of who we are. As a health company, our mission of "Science for a Better Life” means we never stop working to create improved solutions for today’s needs, and we are always seeking a new and better way.  

When you're Backed By Bayer, you have expert information at your fingertips, and innovative business tools to increase efficiency. You get access to the top minds and best incentives in the industry. Backed By Bayer means your confidence goes up and your stress goes down. To support a strong future for the golf industry, we team up with like-minded organizations like the NGCOA, the GCSAA, and many of the nation’s leading universities and other industry experts to build educational programs and drive transformative initiatives.

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Bayer | 2TW Alexander Drive Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA | 919x-549x-5340
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