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821 West Algonquin Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Raven Engineered Films

Sustainable Water Containment Solutions

Raven is an innovative 50+ year manufacturer producing high-quality geomembrane liners for the golf industry. We produce large one-piece drop-in containment liners for golf lakes, ponds and water features to promote water recycling and conserve precious resources through responsible lining.

Cutting-edge Liner Technology

Raven geomembranes for the golf industry range in thickness from 30 mil to 80 mil and are available in smooth, textured, unsupported, reinforced, and dense-scrim reinforced materials for maximum durability.

  • Large One-Piece Liners
  • Exclusive GeoGrip™ Texture
  • Accredited Testing Lab
  • High Tear & Impact Resistance

We consistently deliver reliable containment solutions, quick response times, strong factory welded seams, and a broad range of chemically resistant proven materials.

Raven specializes in products designed to perform in rugged exposed environments that are susceptible to foot traffic and UV rays.

Contact us today at (800) 635-3456 or visit our site at www.RavenGeo.com for further information on our reliable containment liners.

Visit our website: ravenefd.com/applications/geo-liners-and-covers/pond-liners/
Raven Engineered Films | 821 West Algonquin Street Sioux Falls, SD 57104 UNITED STATES | 605x-335x-0174
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