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6412 Brandon Ave
Springfield, VA 22150
RCS Hospitality Group
The RCS Hospitality Group (formerly Reid Consulting Services), now honored three times by Boardroom Magazine for excellence, is the "go-to" group for private clubs seeking state-of-the-art management consulting and staff training services that combine 21st-century techniques with the timeless values of America's great golf and country club traditions.

All our services are value-engineered and custom-built to help our clients ensure that their brand is strengthened, their individual culture is respected, and the experience of their members enhanced. RCS always ensures that each club exceeds member and guest expectations, operates within a sustainable and stable business environment, and achieves significant bottom-line success.
RCS offers a wide array of tailor-made services that can be applied individually or in combination to meet your club's particular needs. Our goal is to prepare your club for the next generation of customers, members, and employees through insightful strategic planning; expert hospitality service training and staff development; inspired operations consulting; and expedient hiring of the most talented managers in the industry.

What They Say About RCS
"RCS’s strength is their flexibility and understanding of the industry. They can work cohesively with the management team, the Board, and various Committees to build and execute truly customized and effective products. It's a pleasure working with them."
Michael J. Fay, CCM, General Manager, Chartwell Golf & Country Club

"Working with RCS has been a remarkable success for us. Our decision to invest in their review and audit program has been richly rewarded. Each facet of the process, from the preparation stage, to the on-site visits, to the follow-up reports provided exceptional value."
Darren Betz, General Manager, Lauderdale Yacht Club

View further testimonials on the "Our Clients" page!

Our Award Winning Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Membership Services
  • Management & Staff Training
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Food & Beverage Boot CampTM
  • Executive Search
RCS Signature Training Programs are now ONLINE in cooperation with the CMAA Club Resource Center! Private Club 101 and E.N.C.H.A.N.T.E.D. Service Watch this video and learn how your club can take advantage of on-demand, affordable staff training
... now as close as the nearest computer.

Contact the RCS team to find out how we can help your club prepare for the next generation of members, customers, and employees!

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Visit our website: www.consultingrcs.com
RCS Hospitality Group | 6412 Brandon Ave #339 Springfield, VA 22150 USA | 623x-322x-0773
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