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1201 Aries Dr.
Lincoln, NE 68512
Landscapes Unlimited
The LU Difference

Landscapes Unlimited is a solution -based company that provides customers with comprehensive expertise in the golf and recreation industries. For over 37 years, the mission of Landscapes Unlimited has been to understand the total needs of our customers from present to future, and foster a relationship that can grow over time as needs arise through a consolidated, self-performed solution. From golf course construction services, irrigation installation, and sports field construction to club operations management and consulting, Landscapes Unlimited array of resources and professionals help deliver qualified solutions to any challenge an owner may face in today’s market. Our ability to provide customized solutions is defined by our ability to understand each customer’s individual needs with a dedication towards " being the best " through not only the delivery process, but in relationships for which we strive to develop with our customers.

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Landscapes Unlimited | 1201 Aries Dr. Lincoln, NE 68512 U.S | 402x-423x-6653
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