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106 East Watauga Avenue
Johnson City, TN 37601

The patented TeeCorrect system is a game-changer. It takes the mystery out of teeing up the golf ball correctly, setting the stage for the optimum launch angle, spin and distance. The system includes tools to determine the proper tee height for your drivers. The result is completely personalized, to your clubs.

TeeCorrect’s scientific approach to marking tees eliminates any second-guessing of what the proper tee height is. In other words, it means one less variable on the path to consistent results…and one less thing for you to think about. So it’s no surprise that TeeCorrect helps with something everyone can appreciate: confidence on the tee.

Visit our website: www.teecorrect.com
TeeCorrect® | 106 East Watauga Avenue Johnson City, TN 37601 U.S | 888x-272x-7789
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