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10820 Holman Ave #305
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Pascuzzo & Pate Golf Design

Pascuzzo & Pate is a professional golf course design firm offering a full range of services to clients around the world. Our focus is on providing innovative and environmentally conscious design solutions to meet our client’s needs.  We invite you to tour our site and then give us a call to talk about your project.

Our Services

New Course Development
The core of our business is built around designing new golf courses. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from initial site selection to opening day. Our design solutions are not based on "signature features” or "trademarks.” We prefer to treat each client as an individual and each site as unique. Our completed golf courses reflect the best use of the natural site features while meeting the objectives set forth by our clients.

Designing a new golf course is a privilege and big responsibility.  That’s why we have made it a policy to only take on a few projects at any one time.  We believe that our clients deserve our full personal attention.  That’s another reason why you’ll only ever deal with Damian or Steve and your project won’t be "staffed out” to a young associate.

We know that golf courses are not created in a vacuum.  Today’s projects generally require a slew of consultants to meet the demands of the regulators.  We have exceptional skills in working alongside the planners, engineers, architects, and other members of the design team.  We have the ability to produce full sets of detailed plans and specifications, and are well versed in the bidding and negotiation process with contractors.  Perhaps our most important work takes place during construction.  We love to spend our time on site working with the shapers and builders handcrafting all of the details that will add up to create a truly exceptional golf course.

Strategic Planning for Existing Facilities
Charting future improvements for your course can be a daunting task.  What do we need to do? How do we get started?  What do our members think?  These are some of the fundamental questions facing many green committees and Directors.  Let us help you in these early stages.  We’ll review your golf course and bring to light issues you may not have considered.  We will also meet with focus groups from the membership to gauge their interests and concerns. We can give you factual answers to some of the most basic questions to help you decide if you want to take the next step.

Planned Improvements to the Golf Course

Creating a long or short term plan of improvements is the best way to keep your course in top shape.  We build upon the information gained during the strategic planning phase to establish the goals and objectives for the project.   After that, a series of design concepts are developed  and refined to meet those goals.  We work very closely with the leadership of the Club during this entire process until we finalize the plan.  Our final documents include the plan, estimates of construction costs, and a strategy for implementation.  We’ll help you decide the best way to present the plan to the membership and assist you in that task.

 Implementation of the Improvement Plan
This is where we produce the necessary construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates to implement all or a portion of the improvement plan.  We will help you select the right contractor to do the job and we will frequently be on site during construction.

Redesign of Specific Golf Course Features

Sometimes, only a small part of the golf course needs to be remodeled. We’ll prepare the concepts, the final plans and specifications, and guide you through the construction to make sure the project turns out on time, and on budget.

It’s not always about big projects. Sometimes you just need a one-day visit to the golf course or a second opinion on a matter. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients so that we can be there for you, whenever, and for whatever, you need.

Visit our website:
Pascuzzo & Pate Golf Design | 10820 Holman Ave #305 Los Angeles, CA 90024 U.S | 310x-962x-9145
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