Innovative Dispense Solutions

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1500 W 130th Street
Gardena , CA 90249
Innovative Dispense Solutions
Innovative Dispense Solutions (IDS) provide highly visible marketing and sales adult beverage platforms that create consumer awareness, incremental sales and additional points of distribution through innovative dispensing technology.

  • Speed of service / play (incremental sales)
  • Portion control (improve PC & profitability)
  • Quality Control (consistency)
  • Innovation & guest satisfaction
  • User friendly (intuitive, plug & pour technology)
  • Highly visible (consumers "buy with their eyes”
  • Premium Mixers (cane sugar, agave nectar & fruit juice)
  • No electricity required (additional points of distribution)

Visit our website:
Innovative Dispense Solutions | 1500 W 130th Street Gardena , CA 90249  U.S | 310x-532x-4444
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