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1200 Swedisford Rd
Beruyn, PA 19312

We’re ModSpace and we build buildings. Large and small buildings. For permanent placement or relocation. For customers in many industries. All to help them to better work, learn, live, heal or play. And what makes us different and better is how we build them: modularly. Sure, we also build buildings using both conventional and hybrid methods, but modular is our most frequent and preferred choice of building. For good reason.

With modular construction, we accelerate your path to occupancy, reduce material waste and lessen site/environmental disruption, all the while maintaining exceptional quality standards and providing unlimited flexibility and creativity. Yes, we use all of the materials you’d expect to find in a conventional building. We just use less of them and put them together faster in a building you’ll occupy 50% sooner than a conventionally built building.

Why ModSpace?

We’ve been at this for more than 45 years, from 80 sales and service locations across North America, with the largest in-house team of architects, engineers and construction professionals in the modular building industry using state-of-the-art software, tools and techniques. We’ve been there, done that.

We also feature Medbuild, a distinct group within ModSpace that specializes in buildings for the healthcare industry. We’re also the first, and possibly only, company in our industry to use the unique Net Promoter Score Process to measure customer satisfaction to constantly drive product, process and service improvement.
Visit our website:
ModSpace | 1200 Swedisford Rd Beruyn, PA 19312 | 704x-497x-9053
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